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Skrivet av Per Stolt  • 3 april, 2023 06:22


WYLD Q4 – Great Expectations

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks

Detta är en intervju i ett betalt samarbete.



Dagens Börs ”The Stock of the Year 2023” – Wyld Networks realesed their Q4-report last week and the company just annonunced that it will be adding 5G (5G NB-IoT) to its offering. In this intervew CEO Alastair Wiliamson will explain why this will open up a possible order route to big companies like Verizon, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, how Wyld Networks is contributing to the environmental challenge today and also giving us an update on their orderbook.


Refresh our readers memories – which problem does Wyld Networks service solve?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: Wyld Networks is a satellite operator for the internet of things (IoT). Only 15% of the world’s surface has wireless/cellular coverage, meaning 85% of the worlds surface has no access to the internet. At Wyld we solve this problem by using Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) Satellites to provide our customers with 100% global coverage for their IoT sensors and devices.


In what way would you say that Wyld Networks is contributing to the environmental challenge today?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: Wyld is a ClimateTech company.  Our solution allows our customers to collect data from anywhere in the world.

Our main customer segments are in Agriculture, Utilities, the Environment, Energy, Maritime and Logistics. For example, in Agriculture our customers use our satellite solution to collect data to help them reduce the waste of water and increase the yield of crops.

Another example is in the Energy sector where customers use our solution to measure corrosion in pipelines to reduce the possibility of oil leakage that causes environmental damaging. There are a huge number of different use cases for our solution in these customer segments.

We support our customers delivery operational efficiency and also help them meet their environmental and sustainability goal.


Wyld Networks released the Q4-report 2022 last week. What was the two most important achievements?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks:  We had a great Q4.

  • The main headline was the launch of our satellite IoT network on the 8th December 2022. We have spent the last 3 years developing our solution and it was really thrilling to launch the network and
  • This demonstrated to our launch partners our ability to build the network and resulted in a doubling of our order intake from approximately SEK 35 million in the 12 months of 2022 to approximately SEK 76 million in Q1 of 2023.


Tell us more about your 5G – expansion. How does this work and what does it mean?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: The main technology used for IoT connectivity for both terrestrial and satellite networks is LPWAN.

LPWAN consists of several technical protocols and our current product utilizes a protocol called LoRaWAN which will represent approximately 37% of all IoT connections by 2025. 5G NB-IoT will represent approximately 43% of all IoT connections by 2025.

So adding 5G NB-IoT to our product offering does 2 things for Wyld

  • More than doubles our addressable market to USD 1.3 billion by 2026 and
  • By adding 5G NB-IoT to our product offering we can add the global 5G telecom mobile operators to our customer segment, which adds an enormous market place for Wyld.


What will be the most important things that will decide whether you might get an agreement with some of the largest telecom mobile operators in the world such as Verizon, AT&T, Deutsche Telekom?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: Companies that you mention such as Verizon, AT&T and Deutsche Telecom all have already built 5G NB-IoT terrestrial networks, however these terrestrial networks only cover less that 15% of the worlds surface.

By combining their terrestrial 5G NB-IoT network with Wyld’s 5G NB-IoT satellite solution, then all these global 5G telecom mobile operators can offer their customers 100% global access to the internets for their IoT sensors and devices.

We believe at Wyld that our solution is both ahead of the market and market affordable making the decision to use Wyld relatively simple.


What steps have you taken to accelerate the conversion of partners to customers?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: As you are aware we had over 40 launch partners with whom we conducted trials in 2022. After we launched the network on the 8th December in 2022 we have accelerated the growth of order intake, actually doubling the order intake in the last 3 months to SEK 76 million.

We expect this massive growth to continue as our customers can now actually operationally use the network rather than trial the network and that now adds value to their business.


What is the status of your order situation right now?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: We have built an order backlog as of today that stands at SEK 76 million (of which SEK 63 million is for the Wyld Connect hardware and SEK 13 million is for the Wyld data service).

The SEK 63 million represents 223,000 Wyld Connect modules. Our customers will pay a monthly fee for each of these 223,000 modules of upto SEK 50 per month per module for the Wyld data service.

We believe that the recurring revenue for the Wyld data service of up to SEK 50 per month per module will be the largest contribution to our revenue moving forward!


Why will the next 12-18 month be a success for Wyld Networks?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: 

  • We will deploy the Wyld Connect modules in volume and collecting the monthly Wyld data service fee of up SEK 50 per month per module. We already have orders for 223,000 modules to be deployed and this will grow substantially.
  • As I mentioned earlier, we are planning to include 5G NB-IoT to our product offering which as I said doubles our addressable market and gains Wyld access to the massive global 5G mobile telecom operators.


Dagens Börs would like to thank Alastair Williamson, CEO at Wyld Networks for a very interesting interview, and we wish him and the company the best of luck in the future!


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