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M. Marangoni VD Whitepearl Tech

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech


DS Plattformen has recently announced a reversed aquistion with Whitepearl Tech. This basically means that Whitpearl will take DS Plattformens name and listing – if everything will be approved by Nasdaq.

In this interview we will meet Whitepearl Techs CEO Marco Marangoni who will tell us more about Whitepearl, how they make money and why the company is a good investment.


Whitepearl – financial glance 2021
Income: 17 MUSD
Profit: 1,4 MUSD 
Source: BeQuoted


What does Whitepearl do?

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech: Whitepearl is the provider of business solutions and Information Technology software and know how to business customers globally.


Tell us a little about yourself!

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech: I’m 57 years old with over 30 years’ experience in IT market across Europe, Americas, Africa, and Middle East as manager and covering different CxO roles. I developed a special expertise in IT startup projects management, with important results in the Americas. I am a direct sponsor of ethic business and I always considering my team the most important asset and value to protect.


Which service products does Whitepearl offer?

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech: Whitepearl offers:

  • World class software maintenance, support and implementation integration services
  • Digital solutions and platforms that enable customers to transform their businesses and offerings to their own clientele
  • Own IP, products and solutions that we have created to meet requirements and business needs in the market


Why are your products better than your competitors?

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech: It is not the case of our products being better than others as by and large most products are of similar quality or purpose.  However, where Whitepearl distinguishes itself is how we partner with our customers and the deep knowledge of our resources and people that work with these customers to ensure high value is added.


How do you earn money?

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech: Whitepearl has a diverse stream of income in it’s business operations including:

  1. Selling our own software – receiving annuity maintenance and once off income
  2. Implementation services in the form of project income
  3. Annuity maintenance services income including global delivery contracts
  4. Commissions earned from selling vendor software
  5. Digital-based revenue through online subscriptions and product sales


How much revenue have you earned in 2022?

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech: Our financial year ends at end of December and we are on target to achieve revenue in access of $18 million USD (approx. 188 MSEK)


What types of customers do you have and where on the globe are they located?

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech: Most of our work is done with large Public and Private Sector customers for now primarily in Africa, Middle East and India.


How will you attract more customers?

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech: We are producing our own demand generation activities, our enhanced sales teams and functions plus then Geographic expansion through acquisition and other organic growth strategies.


What are the 3 most important challenges for Whitepearl in 2023?

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech: The plan is to be listed during 2023 in Stockholm and this means:

  1. Growth, expansion and success in the Nordic and European markets
  2. Making the transition from a private to a public company and all the related internal transformation that needs to happen
  3. Consolidation of current market coverage – improved sales, technical structure and presence


Why have you chosen to list your company in Stockholm?

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech: Sweden is the best country, we believe, open to support Technology companies wanting to expand into Europe.  There is a strong support to technology startups in the market.


Why invest in Whitepearl?

Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech: We believe that Whitepearl is not a typical IT company but rather a diversified business that invests in talents, human factors and technology with a big focus on digital and building new IP.  Further our strong human capital base in Emerging Markets allow us to provide the highest quality solutions at most competitive prices to customers globally.

We have a strong footprint in Emerging and Developing markets that provide and earnings which are not always correlated to large global markets providing investors with an opportunity to invest in a business model that is more robust and more diversified than typical Technology companies.



Dagens Börs tackar Marco Marangoni (VD) Whitepearl Tech för en mycket intressant intervju och vi önskar honom och Whitepearl Tech lycka framöver!


Diagram ovan: DS Plattformen soon to be Whitepearl Tech? (diagram källa: infront)