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Skrivet av Per Stolt  • 16 mars, 2022 00:03


Claus T. Hansen (VD) OmniCar

Claus T. Hansen (Styrelseordförande) OmniCar

Detta är en intervju i ett betalt samarbete med OmniCar.


Lägga halva dagen på att lämna in bilen på service och betala för en dyr hyrbil för att ta dig därifrån. Aldrig mer!

Låt istället en av Omnicars servicebilar komma till dig. De reparerar din bil medan du jobbar klart på bordet innan lunch.

Inte undra på att OmniCar är den högst rankade service-workshoppen i Danmark! I denna intervju kommer styrelseordförande Claus T. Hansen att berätta om hur Omnicar lyckades nå en tillväxt på +65 % under 2021.



Friska upp minnet på våra läsare – vad sysslar OmniCar med?

Claus T. Hansen (Omnicar): One year ago we set out to transform the way people service their cars – by using our mobile service vans servicing car owners cars at their preferred location. No more driving to the workshop to have your car serviced or repaired. Omnicar will come to our customer’s address.

Omnicar has since then established themselves as the ultimate best customer rated workshop in Denmark. We’ve already serviced 4500 cars and our customers love what they are getting, quite evident from our 5 stars Trustpilot score

We’ll continue to expand our existing and growing mobile car service business adding more service vans every month throughout 2022.

So, what’s next:

We also wish to transform the way people buy and sell cars. Omnicar will make electric car ownership more convenient through the entire lifecycle – inspired by what Cazoo, Cavanna and other innovative companies have done outside Denmark.

The difference is that Omnicar will focus solely on e-cars* combined with the attractive value of bundeling with our mobile car service

The concept of OMNICAR Sales is as follows:

WHAT: We sell pre-owned electric-only cars and offer full bundling of all services related to car ownership.

WHERE: On our online platform. We launch in DK in April 2022 and expand to 4 markets by 2024.

HOW: We source cars from partners, prepare the car at our ’OMNICAR Prep Center’ and sell it direct-to-consumer.  The platform is NOT a marketplace.

TO: Consumers who want to buy a green car in a seamless way and have full convenience during ownership. The car is delivered directly to their front door. That’s it! – just like we do in our car service business


Berätta om årets 2021 – hur väl lyckades ni med att öka intäkterna?

Claus T. Hansen (Omnicar): The positive feedback from our customers has made it possible to reach an impressive development in total turnover being 65% higher vs. 2020. At the same time, we have managed to overperform the ambitious guidance communicated early 2021 by 10%.

We expect to see continuing positive growth rates throughout 2022 and expect to deliver a two-digit growth form quarter to quarter.


Vilka var Omnicars viktigaste framsteg under 2021? (raised basket + 8:e servicebilen etc)

I think the most important milestone for Omnicar was the fact that we succeeded with a new and disruptive service concept for Car owners – our growth rate was 66% compared to previous year.

All of our KPI’s including basked size, customers acquisitions cost and customers churn rate have all improved significantly over the year. We still have much more to improve and optimize and this will be reflected in our 2022 numbers.

To point out my personal favorite achievement, would be that our service has resulted in the best customer satisfaction rate in the entire automotive industry in Denmark.


Finns det några finansiella prognoser för 2022?

Yes, OmniCar sees major growth during 2022 – The company targets a revenue of approximately SEK 135 million by the end of 2022 on a yearly rolling basis. An increase of 440% YoY growth.


Vad kommer vara viktigast för Omnicar att lyckas med under 2022?

Claus T. Hansen (Omnicar): Now with 2021 behind us, we are very excited to look into 2022 where focus will be to scale our service business even further, based on the platform we already have created.

In addition, we will by end of March launch our digital car- platform selling used green vehicles applying a 100% digital solution including bundling of all relevant products and services.

We see the market for both new and used green vehicles to take speed rapidly, and with our focus strong skills within marketing & tech, we are confident that we will be able to offer customers a unique way of purchasing a new car and by this get a significant share of the market.

By having service and sale together are we creating the perfect eco-system and transforming the way people buy, service and sell cars.


Ni har fått en ny investerare i Mekonomen – berätta mer om detta!

Claus T. Hansen (Omnicar): Correct, Mekonomen Group has decided to invests 19 MSEK in Omnicar. The success of OmniCar during 2021 shows that the Company’s disruptive approach has been embraced by Danish car owners, who have praised and given OmniCar a 5-star rating since its inception.

OmniCar has a strong brand with a strong competitive advantage in its market and has enjoyed great momentum during 2021. The Company will now build on this current momentum and accelerate the growth of OmniCar with support from Mekonomen.

With Mekonomen as the largest shareholder, we now have a strong financial partner and access to a comprehensive infrastructure in Scandinavia. This will fuel and fast track our expansion in the coming years.”


Har ledningen och styrelsen också köpt mer aktier?

Claus T. Hansen (Omnicar): Yes, In connection with Mekonomen’s investment in Omnicar, the board of directors and executive management of the Company have undertaken to invest 6 MSEK in the Company by subscription of 4,350,000.

This private placement is to strengthen the Company’s financial position in a fast and cost-effective timeframe. The proceeds from the private placement will mainly be used to finance the expansion of OCS.


Kan Mekonomen komma att köpa upp Omnicar i framtiden?

Claus T. Hansen (Omnicar):  That question, you would have to ask to Mekonomen.



Dagens Börs tackar Claus T. Hansen, Styrelseordförande på OmniCar för en mycket intressant intervju och vi önskar dem lycka till i framtiden!


OmniCar (diagram: Infront)