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Skrivet av Per Stolt  • 15 mars, 2023 05:48


A. Williamson (VD) WYLD NETWORKS

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks

Detta är en intervju i ett betalt samarbete.



Dagens Börs ”The Stock of the Year 2023” – Wyld Networks got a stellar start after launching their product and service to the market as of Dec 8th 2022.

In this interview CEO Alastair Williamson will give us an update on where Wyld are today and why you should consider making an investment.


Refresh our readers memory – what is ”Wyld Connect” and how do you make money?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: Wyld offers a complete end-to-end sensor-to-satellite solution and has partnered with Eutelsat, Lacuna and Astrocast to transfer data through their networks of Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) satellites.

Wyld Connect LoRaWAN® modules and terminals enables sensors and devices to connect directly to the LEO satellites. The data from the sensor network passes back to Wyld Fusion (a cloud-based platform) that distributes the data to the customer.

Wyld primarily focuses on its recurring revenue business model – connectivity as a service. Wyld charges its customers a monthly recurring fee for data plans along with one-off costs for the Wyld Connect modules and terminals.


How much is the accumulated value of all orders you have?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks:  SEK 76 million:

  • Includes data orders of SEK 13.2 million
  • 223,000 Wyld Connect modules


Tell us more about one or two of your latest orders and explain why they were important!

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: Wyld’s latest purchase order of SEK 9.2 million is from a South African company deploying soil moisture sensors to optimize irrigation and automate scheduling systems for agriculture.

Wyld’s customer manufactures and markets highly specialized soil moisture sensors and end–user applications for agricultural markets providing solutions to more than 6,500 companies internationally.

Agriculture accounts for 70% of all water consumed globally, and 40% of that water is wasted due to poor irrigation systems, evaporation, and overall poor water management. The use of data from soil moisture probes and data driven analytics to optimise irrigation has been shown to reduce that waste of water by up to 30% and increase yield of crops by upto 30%.


What are the latest developments in Wyld’s technology?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: Wyld supports LoRaWAN and will add 5G NB-IoT capability.  For both satellite and terrestrial connectivity. Wyld adding 5G NB-IoT to double market share and open up new opportunity with 5G mobile operators and enterprises.

LoRaWAN and 5G NB-IoT represents 83% of all LPWAN connections for IoT.


When can we expect to see the recurring income from the data-service through the sensors begin to grow?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: We will start to see this in 2023.


How much possible orders are in the pipeline right now? And what stages are they in?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: Unweighted sales opportunity as of March 13th in stages 10% to 90% in circa of SEK 420 million


How big is the addressable market for Wyld? and do you have any idea of how many percent of that you are trying to catch – let us say around the year 2025?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: Now that Wyld supports NBIoT (5G); our addressable market by 2025 is $1.3 billion (the previous addressable market was $670 million).

The total addressable market by 2025 is $11.9 billion (the previous total addressable market was $5.9 billion)
This corresponds to 9.15% market share.


Give us three arguments why Wyld Networks are on the right track!

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: 

  • We have doubled our order backlog in the first 3 months of 2023 (currently: SEK 76 million)
  • Delivering on our technological roadmap of adding 5G-NBIoT to complement our existing LoRaWAN technology – 5GNBIOT allows us to sell opur solution to some of the largest telecom operators in the world such as Verizon, AT&T, Duetsche Telekom
  • We are solving a real-world problem of delivering connectivity in the most remote areas in the world


Dagens Börs would like to thank Alastair Williamson, CEO at Wyld Networks for a very interesting interview, and we wish him and the company the best of luck in the future!


Diagram ovan: Wyld Networks (diagram källa: infront/ Dagens Börs)