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Skrivet av Per Stolt  • 6 december, 2022 04:49


A. Williamson (VD) WYLD NETWORKS

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks


Årets aktie 2022 – Wyld Networks går mot en högst spännande och lovande framtid.

Dagens Börs passar på att sammanfatta och uppdatera läget med VD Alastair Williamson.



Tell us more about your products (wyld-connect and data center) and what kind of problem it solves?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: There are billions of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors being deployed around the world but only 15% of the worlds surface has wireless coverage and access to the internet. The other 85% of the worlds surface has no access to the internet. This is a massive problem for companies deploying Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. Wyld Networks has developed a solution using Low Earth Orbiting satellites to collect data from these IoT sensors anywhere in the world providing 100% global coverage.

We are launching the network on the 8th December 2022

Our solution comprises of two revenue generating components


1:  Wyld Connect – a hardware device that sends data from an IoT sensor directly to satellites and back to ground which is one of fee of approximately US$40.

2:  Wyld Data service –a fee of upto US$5 per month per sensor that customer pay for using the service



You have signed more than 40 alliance contracts – how will they help Wyld Networks excel?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: We have converted 6 of these contracts into purchase orders of approximately SEK 34 million ahead of the launch and will be converting more into purchase orders once we launch the network. Obviously we will be increasing the number of customer contracts as well moving forward.


What kind of income will the data-service-order generate – what kind of fee-structure are we talking about?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: The Wyld data service is the fee that customers pay per month to use the service. This is where we get the monthly recurring income. The fee is upto US$5 per month per Wyld Connect device/IoT sensor. We currently have orders for 92,000 Wyld Connect devices.


Which income do you estimate might be bigger in 5 years – Wyld Connect or the data-service?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: We believe that the Wyld Data service income will be significantly larger than the Wyld Connect income mainly because it is a recurring fee paid to use the network rather than a single one of fee.


What can we expect from 2023?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: We intent to have access to more satellites in 2023 that will allow us to address more use case and customer requirements and we will continue to develop our solution to ensure that we keep ahead of the competition.


Why should an investor buy shares in Wyld Networks?

1 – We have a solution that solves real world problems for companies in providing 100% global connectivity for the Internet of Things!

2 – We are launching the network on the 8th December 2022!

3 –  We already have purchase orders of approximately SEK 34 million ahead of the launch!

4 –  We are working in a high growth market of about US$ 5.9 billionin 2025 of which we believe we have an addressable market of US$ 670 million in 2025!


Dagens Börs tackar Alastair Williamson, VD på Wyld Networks, för en mycket intressant intervju och vi önskar dem lycka framöver!


Diagram ovan: Wyld Networks (diagram källa: infront)