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Interview: Wyld – from start-up to scale-up

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks


Wyld Networks is a climate-tech satellite operator for the internet of things (IoT). Only 15% of the world’s surface has wireless/cellular coverage, meaning 85% of the world’s surface has no access to the internet. Wyld has solved this problem by using Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) Satellites to provide their customers with 100% global coverage for their IoT sensors and devices. In today’s interview CEO Alastair Williamson will tell us more about how things are going and why you should investment in the company.


First – congratulations on the new order for SEK 9.1 million from US – explain why this order is important!

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: This order is for the Oil and Gas sector in the US. Oil and Gas infrastructure is expected to reach a value of over a trillion USD by 2030 according to a Global Markets Insight report. This infrastructure will require a significant roll out of sensors needing satellite IoT connectivity to collect data for the oil and gas operators.

Our customer, Simple Control Systems have 25 years of experience in Oil and Gas as a system integrator, providing IoT solutions for level sensors in oil and water tanks for the oil and gas operators such as Chevron and others.

By utilising Wyld’s solution, Simple Control Systems will massively extend the areas where they can deploy their sensors, providing their customers with the data they need to meet their business objectives and sustainability goals.

The order is for 2,500 Wyld Connect modules, 1,500 Wyld Connect Terminals and twelve months of Wyld Data service. This order takes our total order backlog to SEK 92 million.


What is the breakdown of your order backlog– and what does it mean?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: We have a total order backlog of SEK 92 million broken down as follows:

1 – Wyld Connect hardware Orders: SEK 77.6 million which consists of

Wyld Connect modules: 226,500
Wyld Connect terminals: 3,000

2 – Wyld Data orders: SEK 14.4 million – this will obviously increase as each Wyld Connect module and terminal deployed will generate upto SEK 50 per month per module/terminal.

This substantial order backlog on its own allows us to go cash flow positive once our customers receive and deploy these modules and terminals into the field. And obviously we will be securing additional orders going forward. This moves the position of the Company from the start-up phase to a scale-up phase.


We are in the middle of the warrant exercising period (17-31 May 2023) for TO3 – what are you going to use the money for?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks:  

  1. Increase the production capacity of the modules in the factory!
  2. Expand our commercial activities into APAC!
  3. Deliver on our product roadmap – 5G NB-IoT!


Explain for us why and when Wyld could be expecting the recuring payments from the Wyld data service to start to ignite?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: We have two components of revenue:

1 – Wyld Connect modules and terminals

2 – Wyld Data – the recuring monthly data fee for the service


The revenue for Wyld Connect modules and terminals is based on delivery.

To answer your question on the recurring Wyld data payments –  We will ramp up volume deployment of modules and terminals in Q3 this year. The time between delivering modules and terminals to the customer and the customer deploying these on site means typically there is some months until the recurring Wyld Data revenues start to flow.


Tell us more about that European Space Agency ESA project you announced a few weeks ago with Thales and Eutelsat, and explain the project and the benefits!

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: This is a really exciting project. Wyld Networks, Eutelsat and Thales will develop satellite-to-satellite connectivity for telemetry and control, using LoRa technology to support satellite IoT networks in an ESA-sponsored programme.

This has two major impacts on the industry

1 – It will speed up the time for data to be delivered from sensors on the ground to customer  applications, thereby reducing latency and enabling more use cases across more business verticals.

2 – And more importantly, I believe that by creating satellite to satellite connectivity it will potentially reduce the number of satellites that the industry will need to deploy to provide vital communications in the future – This will be game changing for the industry in reducing the cost of operating satellite constellations, with fewer satellites required and open up new use cases with more attractive return on investment.


We also announced Wyld Network’s satellite IoT partners whom have successfully launched additional LEO satellites on Elon Musk’s Space-X Transporter 7 rocket from California in April.


What are the three most important reasons why to invest in Wyld ?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks:  

  • Wyld have moved from a startup to a scale up satellite IoT tech company. We will be ramping up our manufacturing output in the coming months and we are heading for cash-flow positive once the order backlog of modules are deployed and operational in the field
  • We are executing on our product roadmap by delivering 5G-NBIoT which will double our addressable market size from $670 million to $1.3 billion by 2025
  • Wyld is solving a real-world problem by developing and delivering innovative wireless technology solutions that enable affordable connectivity for the IoT anywhere in the world – especially for the 85 percent of the world’s surface where there are no cellular networks.


Dagens Börs would like to thank Alastair Williamson, CEO at Wyld Networks for a very interesting interview, and we wish him and the company the best of luck in the future!


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