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Interview: Stock of the year 2024 – Wyld

Alastair Williamson (CEO) Wyld Networks

This is an interview in a paid marketing (detta är en intervju i ett betalt samarbete).




Outlook 2024

Wyld Networks started delivering ”Wyld Connect Modules” in the fourth quarter of last year (2023), and as soon as those are installed, we can expect to see multiple income streams. In this interview, CEO Alastair Williamson will discuss these income streams and when they will begin. We will also recap the kind of problem Wyld solves and take a look at the current backorder status!


1: Refresh our readers memory – Tell us about Wyld Networks and what problem you solve!

Alastair Williamson (CEO) Wyld Networks: Wyld Networks is a virtual satellite network operator that develops and delivers innovative wireless technology solutions that enable affordable connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors anywhere in the world.

The Problem it solves:

Only 15 % of the world’s surface has wireless coverage to get access to the internet and that coverage is mainly in urban and suburban areas. For the other 85 % of the world’s surface there is no wireless coverage and no access to the internet. This lack of global connectivity is holding back the growth of IoT networks from adding $2-3 Trillion to global GDP over the next decade.

Companies have a massive need to collect data from anywhere in the world to improve operational efficiencies and support their environmental and sustainability goals. Wyld Networks solution solves the lack of global IoT connectivity by leveraging satellites to provide internet access for IoT anywhere in the world.


2: You have added some new products to your portfolio – can we get a summary of all your products and how you are going to earn money on them? And what is the total addressable Market?

Picture above: Wyld Networks concept in a nutshell (source: Wyld Networks)


Alastair Williamson (CEO) Wyld Networks:  Our portfolio includes the following products and how we earn revenue for each:


1 – Wyld Connect Module and Terminal – Hardware devices supporting ISM band, S-band and 5G NB-IoT

Customers pay one off fee of approximately $49 for each module and $500 each terminal.

We now have 235,000 modules and 4,500 terminals in backorders for ISM band

2 – Wyld Fusion – Software – SaaS satellite and terrestrial IoT platform

Customers pay a monthly subscription fee for every module and terminal connected to Wyld Fusion.


3 – Wyld Data – Data service

 For Wyld Connect ISM/5G NB-IoT modules and terminals

Customers pay a monthly fee of up to $5 per month for each module and terminal in operation.

We now have a total of 239,500 modules and 4,500 terminals (ISM) in backorders


For Wyld Connect S-band modules and terminals (100x bandwidth compared with ISM)

Customers pay a monthly fee of up to $500 per month for each module and terminal in operation.

Just launched in January 2024. S-band is for new use cases where customers require a higher bandwidth than ISM.


Recent Product Launches

We recently have launched 2 new products:


1 – Wyld Connect S-band Modules and Terminal

Pictures above: Wyld Connect S-band Modules and Terminal


Our current modules and terminals support the ISM band, however by adding S-band support to our product portfolio this provides a greater bandwidth of upto 100 times greater than the ISM band. This increases our customer base and increases the revenue for the Wyld Data service.


2 – Wyld Fusion as a standalone SaaS Satellite and Terrestrial IoT Platform

Picture above: Wyld Fusion – a standalone platform where the user can monitor collected data. The platform is ”Merchant Agnostic”, which means that it can also be used by other companies (for examples: Siemens eller Fujitsus sensorer).


We have also launched Wyld Fusion as a standalone platform for other IoT operators to use as a provisioning and management solution. We use Wyld Fusion as part of our own service, and we have launched it as a standalone platform for other customers who wish to operate an IoT network. We believe this is the only available IoT platform on the market designed to support both terrestrial and satellite IoT devices securely and at scale.


Wyld Addressable Market in USD Billions

The Wyld addressable market is split into 4 product offerings as you can see in the graph totaling $4.3 Billion in 2028.

Picture above: Wyld Networks addressable market totaling $4.3 Billion in 2028 


3: What is the Total Order Backlog?

Alastair Williamson (CEO) Wyld Networks: We currently have an order backlog of approximately 239,000 Wyld Connect ISM modules and terminals with an order book value of approximately $9 million. These orders are in some cases over a 4 year deployment period.

When the ISM modules and terminals are deployed and operational, they will generate Wyld Data revenues of upto $5 per module and terminal per month. This is where we see significant recurring revenues for data take place.

In the case of S-band modules and terminals once deployed and operational they will generate Wyld Data revenues of up to $500 per module/terminal per month.

Further orders are expected as we continue to market not only our existing products in ISM and S-band but also Wyld Fusion as a standalone platform.


4: Wyld started to deliver terminals in the last quarter of 2023. What is the status and when can we expect to see income?

Alastair Williamson (CEO) Wyld Networks: Wyld began shipping product in late Q4 2023 and the number of modules and terminals shipped will increase over time. Our customers will install these terminals and modules and this takes integration work required by our customers and time to deploy the solution into operation of about 3 to 6 months. We would expect to see start of revenues for Wyld in Q2 2024 and that revenue will increase moving forward as more product is deployed.

5: Let us take a look at the funding status, when is TO4 and TO5 subscription period? (when shall those warrants be exercised?)

Alastair Williamson (CEO) Wyld Networks:

TO4 Subscription Period:
15 April – 29 April 2024.

TO5 Subscription Period:
14 November – 28 November 2024.


6: Where do you think Wyld will be in three year’s time?

Alastair Williamson (CEO) Wyld Networks:  The demand for satellite IoT services continues to grow rapidly.

Industry forecasts show the IoT market will expand from USD$ 662 billion to USD$ 1.46 trillion over the next three years. Wyld expects to grow its customer base and revenue in line with this projected growth and believe our addressable market to be approximately $ 4.3 billion.

To ensure we maximize this opportunity we will continue to develop our product portfolio in ISM and S-band as well as develop with additional bands as we progress.

In addition, with the launch of Wyld Fusion as a standalone satellite and terrestrial IoT platform into a significant market, we will see additional revenue being generated along with our existing business.

We have a substantial order book that we are shipping against and anticipate significant growth in new orders over the next three years.


7: What are the three most important reasons why to invest in Wyld ?

Alastair Williamson (CEO) Wyld Networks: We have a product with great demand that solves a critical problem that businesses currently face by providing them with a solution that allows them to collect their IoT data from anywhere in the world. The collection of data from anywhere in the world is critical for businesses to improve operational efficiencies, reduce costs and meet their sustainability and environmental goals.

We currently have a sufficient backlog of orders to take the company cash flow positive once deployed, and we also expect further orders in 2024.

Forecasts say the IoT market will expand massively over the next decade and satellite technology will continue to deliver at the forefront of advanced connectivity. The team at Wyld Networks have the technical knowledge, commercial acumen and passion to deliver success.


Dagens Börs would like to thank Alastair Williamson, CEO at Wyld Networks for a very interesting interview, and we wish him and the company the best of luck in the future!


Chart: Wyld Networks (Chart source: infront/Dagens Bors)