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Skrivet av Per Stolt  • 3 oktober, 2023 04:05


Interview: A Williamson (CEO) Wyld Networks

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks

This is an interview in a paid marketing (detta är en intervju i ett betalt samarbete).


Wyld Networks did just recently announced outcome of their possibly last rights issue.

1,794,137 units was subscribed for through the use of unit rights – approximately 92.3 percent of the Rights Issue.

The company are now set to move forward into the future, and in this interview CEO Alastair Williamson will tell us more about their latest partnerships – and why those are important!


1: Tell us about you recent partnership with Novacom

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: We mentioned in our previous interview that we will begin our sales strategy in APAC and Novecom is the first company in APAC – based in Australia. They facilitate the management of environmental monitoring and sensor-based networks across a multiple of industries including mining, renewable energy, manufacturing, agribusiness, transport and construction sectors.

They have a range of data analytics and reporting platforms that help businesses make informed decisions. Wyld and Novecom will initially address edge case communications on a large-scale rural water monitoring project. They are looking to collect specific data: water levels, bacteria levels in water.  The Wyld Connect terminal will pass data onto Wyld Fusion onto the Novecom platform.


2: Tell us about you recent partnership with Conocophillips

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: Conocophillips is a very big player in the oil and gas space with a market cap of USD 150 billion. In the US alone, there are just over a million wellheads. Monitoring and gathering production data from remote well sites have traditionally involved high costs associated with labour, transportation, and resources.

Using a combination of LEO satellites and the Wyld Connect solution; Conocophillips believes there will be a significant reduction in manual monitoring along with an increase in automation when it comes to the elimination of unnecessary wellsite visits and collecting invaluable data.

This pilot focuses on asset tracking and wellsite monitoring, initially in the Bakken Reservoir in North America. It is a huge opportunity for us, with global potential and we’ll start to deliver the product to Conocophillips in the next couple of months.


3: Tell us about your partnership with Precision Livestock Farming Australia?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks

PLF are an Australian Agritech consultancy that work with broad acre and live-stock farming. They focus on optimising water level monitoring, soil moisture and salt lick monitoring. PLF will use the Wyld Connect Terminal to connect to sensors on a number of projects to collect data in Emerald, Queensland.


4: When will you start shipping product to your customers?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks:

We are currently in volume production and have begun the deployment of modules and terminals in September!


5: Are you going to raise more capital in the future?

Alastair Williamson (VD) Wyld Networks: We do not plan on raising anymore capital as we believe a combination of the funds acquired through the directed issue and loan issue together with TO4 and TO5 next year is enough to enable Wyld to go cash flow positive!


Dagens Börs would like to thank Alastair Williamson, CEO at Wyld Networks for a very interesting interview, and we wish him and the company the best of luck in the future!

Chart: Wyld Networks (Chart source: infront/Dagens Bors)